​Partners for Transformation is an innovation ecosystem created to accelerate the development and adoption of the air transport industry's transformation initiatives. The ambitious vision is to move from problem statement to industry early adoption in one year following a specific methodology of engagement between IATA, airlines, and the Partners for Transformation Network.

The first Industry Transformation network

Partners for Transformation is a network of partners committed to support industry innovation from the very beginning of the innovation process.

The network is open to:

  • Airlines (member and non-member)
  • Technology providers
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Corporate travel agencies
  • Financial and Fintech companies
  • Startups in the travel, fintech, retailing, hospitality, or adjacent sector

Partners will be able to participate in short innovation sprints centered on industry challenges and opportunities, followed by ideation sessions, proofs of concept, prototypes, pilots and other activities.

The partners would be expected to contribute actively to design thinking, to allocate resources to the ideation, development, and innovation activity.


For airlines, this framework will drive key transformation initiatives and allow the airlines to ideate, help design proofs of concepts, and test their own hypotheses for the innovation sprint. In addition, airlines will be able to adopt solutions and standards quickly as they will be at the frontline of the transformation.

For other partners, from corporates to startups, this framework will allow them to test their solutions, create proofs of concepts with IATA and the industry, and gain industry exposure. .

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Active projects

IATA Pay: Offering airlines an industry solution that will reduce payment costs, accelerate cash and eliminate fraud, by creating a new form of account-to-account payments between consumers and airlines as encouraged by the EC PSD2 regulation.
Project: Build IATA TPP payment system allowing airlines to adopt this form of payment and integrate it with its e-commerce modules and allow airlines to provide account to account as a form of payment at a cheaper transaction cost.

​IATA Pay platform Provider: Autentia
​Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP): Deutsche Bank
​Airlines:Emirates, Cathay Pacific, SAS

Agent Credit Risk Management: Enhancement of agency risk management to avoid airlines’ revenue loses.
Project: Build an Early Detection System (EDS) that would use an initial set of agreed indicators and thresholds and later, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to identify Agents’ behaviors that could pose financial risks to Airlines.

Partners: Featurespace

Interline on Demand: Airlines are increasingly looking at new ways to expand their business with new partners, especially since the advent of NDC enables new opportunities to source products from airlines outside of the traditional IATA interline framework.
Project: Interline on Demand will provide a simple framework under which IATA member airlines can interline with other airlines on demand outside of a classic full IATA interline framework. Based on generic offer and order management concepts, and NDC and ONE Order API messaging, this also facilitates interline with low cost carriers and other transport providers (trains, buses, ferries).

POC#1 Complete: Cirravia and IAG


New initiatives

Dynamic Offer: Fare and ancillary filing and distribution of those fares associated to an inventory booking class limits the ability of airlines to dynamically bundle offers based on shopping context, have infinite price points, and optimize ancillary and flights revenue together.

Digital Identity/Travel Grid: There is a greater need to have a reliable way of doing business in a secure environment where players can know who they are doing business with. Multiple challenges emerge when there is a proliferation of participants including travel sellers, buyers, and intermediaries in the shop/order/pay process.
Project: A Digital Certification Authority (DCA) system that can a) provide a travel system-wide unique identification (ID), b) provide a secure signature mechanism system that certifies the transactions are done by the declared entities and c) define a central authority that enables the secure exchange of IDs and signatures. In 2019, the goal is to deliver a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) allowing some airlines and agents to start doing business using the new “Global selling/buying IDs”.

Distribution & Payment partnerships

Distribution and payments are among the most important activities for industry cooperation.

Two of IATA’s most important partners in this regard are Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) and Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC).

IATA and ATPCO collaborate on matters related to distribution processes, including fare and rule data management and other industry data sources that drive revenue accounting and distribution processes, while IATA and ARC collaborate on business intelligence services.

IATA, ATPCO and ARC (and other industry actors) collaborate through the Agent Debit Memo User Group (ADMUG) to identify, develop and implement solutions that will result in a reduced need for post-billing revenue recovery through ADMs.